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Master Kit «Lila Chakra»

Master KIT “Lila Chakra” is packed in a bamboo case, the ends are made of balsa with laser engraving of the image of 7 chakras, measuring 235 x 190 x 34 mm.
The total weight of the game is 650 g.


1. The size of the game field is 34cm x 40cm. It is assembled from four thick cardboard sheets. The structure of the field resembles a chessboard.


2. The set includes 65 laminated cardboard cards with a picture and a figurative metaphor describing the vibration of each playing field. All cards are colored in the color of the corresponding chakra. This allows you to quickly find the desired card during the game.

Карточки Лила чакраКарточки Лила Чакра обратная сторона

3. The 32-page paperback brochure contains a detailed description of the rules of the game, an example of the game, and an analysis of the result of the game.

Брошюра Лила чакра

4. Dice


5. There are four “Disappointment” cards.

Карточки Разочарование Лила Чакра

6. There are 5 blanks for recording the trajectory of the symbol and the selected positions for awareness.

Бланк траектории игры Лила чакра

The price is 2100 rub.